Windows Media Player

One of the most ubiquitous media players around is the Windows Media Player. Now shipping with every Windows operating system, it is found on the majority of computers in the world today.

Getting streaming audio to play on Windows Media Player is an interesting proposition. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. By clicking on This Link, Windows Media Player should open up and begin to play the Inside Jazz audio stream.

If it doesn't open up and play, or if you get an error like 'Unable to establish a connection with the server', then you may have to set it up manually. Here is how to do this - and it actually works with almost any media streaming media player.

  • First open Windows Media Player by clicking on Start, then All Programs, then Accessories, then Entertainment, then Windows Media Player.
  • Go to the Windows Media Player File menu and click on Open URL
  • In the popup box enter the following information for the High Definition Test Drive Stream or for the Standard Inside Jazz Stream.
  • Then click OK

This will tell your Windows Media Player to begin playing the Inside Jazz audio stream. This is the same process you can use with almost any other streaming audio player.